Upgraded Resident Referral Bonus Programme
Upgraded Resident Referral Bonus Programme
From now until 2024.12.31

We are excited to announce a brand new upgrade to our Resident Referral Bonus Programme!

As the referrer, you can earn a reward that is upgraded from up to 1.25 to 1.5 months net rent, along with an additional $6,000 bonus for every successful referral.

Refer a Friend. They Save! You Earn!

Selected unit Referrer Referee
High rise apartment in Gold Coast Residences / or Long Beach Gardens 1.25 1.5 months’ NET rent (2-year fixed lease) HK$2,000 Gold Coast Hotel F&B Coupon
1 1.25 month’s NET rent (2-year with break clause, min 15. months)
Marina Villas in Gold Coast
Residences /or Vista Cove
1.25 1.5 months’ NET rent + HK$6,000 (2-year fixed lease) HK$5,000 Gold Coast Hotel F&B Coupon
1 1.25 month’s NET rent + HK$6,000 (2-year with break clause, min.15 months)


Terms & conditions: 

  1. Referrer must be a current tenant of Hong Kong Gold Coast Residences/ Vista Cove/ Long Beach Gardens (including private owner’s tenant) or owner of Hong Kong Gold Coast Residences (but excluding any staff of Sino Group). The offer is applicable to any new tenant who has not leased any property of Sino Group at Hong Kong Gold Coast Residences/ Vista Cove/ Long Beach Gardens prior to this introduction. 
  2. Referrer must be a natural person and must not be a direct family member of the prospective tenant. A prescribed introduction form must be filled in before prospective tenant submits Leasing Agreements. 
  3. Bonus is only payable to the referrer upon successful execution of Leasing Agreements and performance of all terms and conditions of the Leasing Agreements by the prospective tenant.
  4. This program does not apply to transactions introduced by licensed property agents. Any participant of the “Referral Bonus Programme” is advised not to carry out any estate agency work in the course of business without licence during the participation process, otherwise, the participant may violate the Estate Agents Ordinance. Landlord, Sino Group and its relevant subsidiaries and departments accept no responsibilities arising from matters in relation to the “Referral Bonus Programme”.
  5. NET rent does not include management fee, government rates & rent, car parking spaces and other allowances or subsidies provided by the landlord. 
  6. NET rent cash bonus will be sent to the referrer by cheque by registered mail upon successful execution of the relevant Leasing Agreements and completion of all formalities and procedures thereunder. 
  7. In case of any dispute, the landlord and/ or Sino Real Estate Agency Limited have the absolute discretion to assess the Referral Bonus and its decision shall be final. 
  8. Validity period till 31 December 2024.

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